Monday, December 8, 2008


"Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will flourish like a green leaf." Proverbs 11:28

Does it ever seem like someone is trying to tell you something?

I mean, first, our pastor at church has been going through a series of sermons about money, or more specifically, riches, and the fact that when the Bible addresses the "rich," it's talking to me, because the definition of "rich" is to have more than one needs - and almost every American is rich by that definition.

Then, one of the last times I posted here, the daily verse that popped up dealt with honoring God with our (my) riches.

Now this. What is God trying to tell me?

Well, I do find it interesting that this verse seems to be saying that you cannot trust in your riches and still be righteous. Am I trusting in my riches? It certainly doesn't feel that way, but then again there's this quote from Dave Ferguson that I saw the other day:

"Greed is when I have to choose between my comfort and meeting someone else’s need. And I choose my comfort."

So, not only am I rich, but I am often greedy. I'll admit it. If that quote is correct, I am often truly greedy. A greedy person trusts in his riches.

Ta-da. Guilty as charged. I am one greedy muthuh.

But guilt is a terrible least that's true for me. It does nothing but make me feel bad. It does not inspire me to flourish like a green leaf, that's for sure. No, my inspiration to righteousness can only come from God's presence in my life and my focus on his love for me, his will for my life, and his daily mercies. And out of that can spring a focus on serving others...on meeting another's needs in spite of my own discomfort.

My own righteousness eventually deteriorates into meaningless greed and devotion to my billfold. It is only the righteousness that comes from God that will flourish like a green leaf.

Father, everything I have is from you. I have no right to anything I own. It is yours. Help me to let go of it all and to stop trusting in my money to get me through. Help me instead to trust in you, and thereby allowing me to let you use my riches for those in need as you see fit. I give my all to you, Father. I love you.


Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Guilty here too. Not every single minute. I have the occasional spark of generosity, but I do sometimes refer to myself as instant gratification girl for a reason. Flesh. I guess I'm stuck with it until I die.

Daily Mercies said...

Aren't we all? It's one big boat and we're all in it together. Thank God he's tossed us a lifeline. We just have to grab it. ;-)